Cyberchondria – the modern hypochondria?

(Pleas note: I am not a health care professional – this post should not be used to diagnose or treat any condition.) Hypochondriasis: abnormal, chronic anxiety about one’s health. Cyberchondria has become popularised in today’s media, often being hailed as the modern-day equivalent of hypochondriasis, but how much do we really know about it? MostContinue reading “Cyberchondria – the modern hypochondria?”

Us and Them – A Review of “The Fear of Immigrants”

#blacklivesmatter In this post, I’ll be examining ‘The Fear of Immigrants’ by Pratyusha Tummala-Narra, published in Psychoanalytic Psychology, Issue: Volume 37(1), January 2020. Again, I’ll be writing in a fairly straight-forward style, in my attempt to make psychology more accessible to the average reader. Xenophobia noun – dislike of or prejudice against people from other countriesContinue reading “Us and Them – A Review of “The Fear of Immigrants””

New Blogger Writing Semi-academic Posts and Reviews on Psychology

I‘ll be writing various blog posts on psychology related topics, expressing my own thoughts and opinions on the issues. These aren’t intended to be professional , clinical or academic writings – they’re merely for entertainment purposes. If any lovely professionals stumble across this blog an wish to to provide advice or feedback, please send itContinue reading “New Blogger Writing Semi-academic Posts and Reviews on Psychology”

Alone in a Crowded Mind: When Psychosis Masks Loneliness

#lonelinessawarenessweek Disclaimer – Let me just state that, I’m not a professional psychologist and this blog isn’t intended to offer a professional review of articles, it’s more a reflection of my own thoughts and what I took away from the article. The first article I’m going to be writing about is ‘Alone in a CrowdedContinue reading “Alone in a Crowded Mind: When Psychosis Masks Loneliness”

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